At Presbyterian Preschool, we believe that establishing a positive perception of school is the cornerstone of a life-long love of learning.  With fun as our foundation, our program strives to develop socialization and readiness skills, such as turn-taking, following directions, phonics, colors, numbers, and shapes.  To enhance the curriculum, we offer visits from the library, weekly Bible stories (generalized to suit a variety of denominations), and a variety of seasonal activities for children to enjoy.  We offer three classes. The Caterpillar class is designed for 2 year-olds and is held 2 days a week (Monday / Tuesday) from 9-12 September through May.  The Chrysalis class is designed for children that are three years old.  It is held three days a week (Wednesday / Thursday / Friday) from 9-12 September through May.  The Butterfly class is for our older or more advanced 3s, as well as 4 year-olds and is a five day a week program from 9-12 September through May. For more information visit us at Presbyterian Preschool website or call 410-822-2062.

Each year we have the Butterfly class screened by the Talbot County Health Department for vision and hearing.  As you know a vision or hearing disability can adversely impact a students ability to learn.  By catching any problems and correcting them early, we can help the child reach his or her full potential.