Sermons by Rev. Dr. Ileana Lindstrom

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Rev. Ileana Lindstrom (September 23, 2018)


For week 14, Ileana Lindstrom provides a wonderful completion sermon for our 2018 Summer Sundays at PCE series. We hope you were blessed by all of our visiting pastors as much as we were. Join us next Sunday when Pastor Duke Dixon returns to the Pulpit from his Sabbatical with renewed energy and insight.

Hard Teachings, Hard Questions (August 26, 2018)


Wow! Week 10 of “Summer Sundays at PCE” and the Great sermons just keep on coming. I have already adopted this sermon by Ileana Lindstrom as one of my all time favorites and it is the best I remember which deals with “why it is so hard to be a Christian”… and the changes we see in ourselves once we make the commitment to follow Christ.