Join Us for SERVICES      Join us for worship, Sundays 10 to 11 am followed by a coffee hour.  Presbyterian Church of Easton is located at 617 N. Washington St., Easton, MD.

Our PURPOSE is to Live and Love like Christ

Our MISSION is to doing meaningful mission that primarily seeks to help people help themselves as opposed to giving handouts

A Brief History of our Church

It was a memorable day–that day on August 3, 1958 when over 90 people flocked to a small storefront building in Easton’s Talbottown Shopping Center. They came to celebrate the formation of a new church–The Presbyterian Church of Easton.It was the first Presbyterian Church to be formed on the Shore in over 100 years.

It was because of the hard work of the church’s first pastor, the Reverend Philip K. Foster, who went door to door to invite people to join this new church, that it became immediately successful.  By the following week, Sunday school classes had begun, a membership class was formed and a picnic was held. The Presbyterian Church of Easton was on its way.

The new congregation’s first monumental task was to construct their own house of worship and the 75 members were determined that they would make this happen. By April 16, 1961, 120 people walked into the open doors of the new church, strolled down the sanctuary’s red- carpeted aisles, and sat down in the wooden pews.

Later that afternoon at the Church’s open house, 1000 visitors celebrated with the congregation as they partook of refreshments.

Rev. Foster led his growing congregation until 1969. He was then followed by the studious Dr. Stuart Leyden, who became the church’s second minister, serving for 10 years. Under his tenure, the church continued to grow to about 271 members. Although the church services were very important to this congregation, it was the social activities such as fellowship clubs, dinner groups, trips and parties that cemented their personal relationships and they still do.

One of the most important aspects of our worship service is the sublime music provided by the Moller Pipe Organ. The church bought the organ with its 1,783 pipes in 1986 from a Baptist Church in Pimlico Maryland for 8,000 dollars–a real bargain–although this amount grew a good bit after moving and installation.

Another windfall came about in 2000 when, Dr. Phil Sommer the minister at that time, opened an envelope that contained two checks totaling 424,000 dollars bequeathed to the church by deceased parishioner, Marion Albaugh. This amount, which later doubled in size, enabled the congregation to renovate the building, which was completed in 2005.

We celebrated the church’s 50th anniversary in 2008 and with God’s grace, we hope to celebrate many more productive years and to carry on our outreach to the Easton Community and Talbot County.

We also continue to welcome all those who walk through the doors of our church.