The Fried Chicken Dinner will be held between 5:00 pm and 6:15 pm with the Preschool Quarter Auction to follow. The cost of the dinner is $7 which includes the fried chicken, beverage and rolls.  Church members are asked to bring a side dish or salad or dessert. Please sign-up in Foster Hall and make sure you designate if you are bringing a salad, side dish or dessert or call the church office to sign-up at 410-822-3324 or email This will be a fun night of great food, fun prizes, and fellowship with the preschool parents. 

What is a quarter auction and how does it work?  A quarter auction is part raffle, part auction and part fundraiser and also a direct sale party.  It works a bit like bingo.  When you arrive, numbered paddles can be purchased.  The paddle will be $3.00 and each additional paddle will be $1.00.  The paddles will have a corresponding numbered chip whic will be put inot the drawing basket.  The direct sales vendors will have items up for “auction” and there will also be themed baskets (such as baking basket, pizza basket, and do basket) available to bid on.  These items will be on display prior to the start of the auction.  You will be able to see what will be up for auction and decide which items you are interested in bidding on.  Once the auction begins, the announcer or one of the helpers will hold up the item up for bid and will announce whether the item is a one quarter or two quarter bid.  If you are interested in bidding, you will put one or two quarters (whatever was announced for EACH paddle you intend to bid with.  So if you have two paddles, and want to bid with both to double your chances, and the item is a one quarter bid, you’ll put 50 cents in the bucket and raise your paddle(s). If you have two paddles and decide to only bid with one, you only pay 25 cents BUT you MUST choose only one numbered paddle to bid with.  A worker will be walking from table to table with a bucket to collect bids.  The announcer will then draw a number to find a winner.  If they draw your number and you had bid on the item, HURRAY!You just won an awesome item at a great price! If they draw your number and you did NOT bid, jout call out “no bid” and they will continue to draw numbers until they find a winner.  So save those quarters.  There will be rolls of quarters available to purchase at the event if you don’t have any.

Vendors include Mary Kay, Scentsy, Lularoe, and Signature Home Style and others.  There may be various raffles and cash and carry items available through the evening.  It’ll be a really fun, fun night.