Enjoy homemade pancakes and the fellowship of the church.  If you’re interested in joining our church, this is a great way to meet the members.  Superb food and great conversation, there’s no better way to enjoy an evening. To join us, please signup on the sheet in Foster Hall or contact us a 410-822-3324 or via e-mail at pceaston@goeaston.net.


Scrambled Eggs



Juice and Coffee

A bit of history: Shrove Tuesday is the day before Ash Wednesday, which, is the beginning of Lent. As you may know, Lent is set as a time of fasting and self-denial from foods and other legitimate pleasures. Shrove Tuesday, being the last pre-Lent day, is supposed to serve two purposes: (1) a time for the enjoyment of the pleasures forbidden in Lent, and (2) an opportunity to make confession of sins before the beginning of the 40 Holy Days.  On Wednesday, at 12:00 pm we will be having an Ash Wednesday Communion Service