During the March Session meeting, two teams were created. The first team in the Interim Pastor Search Team.  The members include Scott Worsham (Moderator), Margaret Parker, Mary Beth Goll, Hubert Hoehn, and Tal Bone. This team is to identify candidates for an interim pastor, select the best one for our church, and forward to Session for approval. The second team is the Transition Team.  Its members include Janet Shimko (Moderator), Kim Cassady, Clyde Dickey, and Tal Bone.  This team is formed to provide day to day decisions that would normally be made by the Pastor.  Between this team and the church staff, information will be passed to the congregation as well as providing Presbytery responses to their questions. Should you have any questions, concerns, or recommendations, please send them to the Moderator of the appropriate team.

Interim Pastor Team

Transition Team

9/1: Pastor Jeff Howard began his ministry as our interim pastor. 

6/25: The offerer was made and a copy of the agreement sent to him. The candidate ask to visit the church and the team invited him to visit during the week of July 6.

6/23: The Presbytery approved of our number one candidate and the employment agreement was completed.  An offer will be made to the candidate this week.

6/16: The team discussed the feedback from references to the two main candidates.  While both candidates were excellent, it was determined we’d proceed with an offer to one first.  The employment agreement needed to be finished and Presbytery had to OK the selection since the individual was not part of our presbytery.

6/9: The team identified two candidates that could be excellent interim pastors.  It was decided to contact each of the references for these two candidates and discuss the results at the next meeting.  The team also needed to develop a contract which would include pay, benefits, and expectations.

6/3&4: The team interviewed 4 candidates for the position over a two day period.  The team is now reviewing its notes on the interview and will meet again on June 9 to determine which candidates will have their references interviewed. 

5/19: The matching of our MIF and the PIF in the Presbytery system generated a list of 10 individuals that are interested in being interim pastors somewhere in the US.  The team reviewed the PIFs of those individuals and decided to call each one to determine if they wanted to be considered for the position at PCE. These results will be reviewed at the May 26th meeting.

5/12: The focus of the meeting was to finalize questions to pose to Interim Pastor candidates.  From approximately 25 questions, the number was pared down to 11 and assignments made regarding which member of the team would ask the question. We also developed questions the candidates may ask the team. We plan to schedule interviews within the next two weeks.

5/5: The MIF was loaded into the system and has resulted in on individual submitting a Personal Information Form (PIF).  A list of questions has been developed and Scott will consolidate the list, remove duplications, and order the questions to be used in the interviews. We anticipate interviewing candidates in the next two to three weeks.

4/28: The meeting focused on developing questions for the prospective candidates and issues the team felt were issues of which the candidates should be aware. 

4/23: Session made some minor change and approved the MIF and Job Description. The documents were sent to Presbytery for approval.  We expect a quick approval and then a list of candidates for our Interim Pastor.

4/21: The MIF and Job Description were reviewed and approved by the Team and both documents have been sent to the Clerk of Session.  Session has a meeting scheduled for April 23rd.  Once approved by Session, the documents will be sent to Presbytery for approval and publication.  Applications for interim pastor will be collected by Presbytery and forwarded to the Team for interviews. 

4/14: The team worked on completing the Ministry Information Form(MIF).  Much of data was available from church Annual Reports but one section required specifying requirements for and characteristics of the applicants.  Additionally, three character references for the church were required.  The team members were to provide input to the Moderator who would then complete the MIF and forward, along with the Job Description and suggested minimum salary to Session for approval.

4/7: Team developed finalized work on the Interim Pastor Job Description.  Additionally, with the assistance of the Personnel Committee Moderator, agreed on a minimum salary to be offered.  This is the minimum and negotiations are anticipated to include some fringe benefits. The team also began work on the Ministry Information Form.  This    form will be sent to individuals interested in becoming our interim pastor.  In addition to the basic information about   our church, the MIF contains a discussion about the area, the members, and our vision.

4/3: Maggie Gillespie, Presbytery representative, joined the team and she provided input on how the salary for the interim should be calculated, how the Ministry Information Form would be used, and the ways to search for Interim candidates.

3/30: Team had it’s first meeting on Zoom. The team a greed to meet each Tuesday at 3:00pm. Secondly, the team began to develop the Interim Pastor Job Description.

8/9:We started live in person worship following proper COVID-19 protocols.  In person services will be reviewed on a weekly basis. We anticipate some weeks we’ll not have in person services, but we’ll always be able to provide streaming services.

5/20:During a joint meeting of Session and the Transition Team, the need to open the church was discussed. After much discussion, we agreed to plan to have the first, in person, service on June 21. This is a proposed date and there are several issues that must be reviewed and adopted, but June 21 is the target date.

4/29: Session approved the hiring of Rev. Susan Bennett, who will tentatively begin May 1 as our minister until the Interim Pastor Team selects an interim pastor.  Rev. Bennett.  She will preach and coordinate Sunday worship with Becki and Bob, she’ll moderate Session, and be in the church office 1/2 per week (day to be decided). Her preaching will be on-line to begin, and in-person when permitted. 

4/15: The team agreed to make changes to the telephone system to direct calls of an emergency nature to Clyde (Facilities) and to Janet (all other calls). Routine calls would continue to the Administrator. The code to enter the church’s front door will be changed next week. The team verified the need to limit access to the church for only those individuals necessary and to minimize the number of times two or more were present. Other changes to the website were discussed and will be implemented. 

3/31: Transition Team had it’s first meeting via Zoom.  The Team, with the addition of Duke, discussed several issues. Paramount was the need to keep the congregation informed.  The need to provide updates on the website, Weekly Tidbits, and in Kirk News were discussed. Additionally, it was suggested Session and Deacons contact each church member and update them on the transition and ask about their own wellbeing. The team was also to consider other opportunities to keep the congregation informed and interested in the status of the church.

3/25: Session met using the Zoom Virtual Meeting software program.  During the meeting Session identified a need for a Transition Team to bridge the gap between Duke leaving and an Interim Pastor starting.  Members of the Team were identified.