This year we are collecting clean up materials and assembling emergency clean up supplies; (mud buckets) to help victims of flooding with their recovery. Buckets will be filled with clean up materials and delivered to the Church World Service disaster relief distribution center in New Windsor, Maryland. There are several options you can use to help.  First, if you wish to purchase a whole bucket, please use the following list as your shopping guide.  Secondly, if there are just a few items you’d like to purchase, please let the Church Office know which you plan to provide.  Thirdly, you may send us a check with “Mud Bucket” on the check Memo line.

Items in the Mud Bucket: 5 scouring pads, 7 sponges, 1 scrub brush, 5 dust masks, 50 closepins, 100 feet of clothesline either as one line or 2- 50 foot lines, 1 box dry/powder laundry detergent (up to 56oz), 1 pair work gloves, 2 pairs of latex (rubber) gloves, 1 12 oz bottle of concentrated household cleaner like Lysol, 1 bottle liquid antibacterial dish washing soap (21 oz size), 18 cleaning towels like handi wipes, 24 county roll of heavy duty trash bags in the 33 to 45 gallon size, and one bottle of insect repellant (not aerosol)


We provide support for Blanket Sunday, One Great Hour of Sharing, Peacemaking, and Christmas Joy.