On June 9, 2019 following the Sunday Church Service and Fellowship we presented a program covering topics that are hard to discuss. The program included several chapters  including legal issues, medical care  and funeral or memorial services.  All tough issues, but you can help your family by taking some time to provide your thoughts and information.  This fall, we intend to repeat the presentation for those that missed the first one and for those members that may want to have their memories refreshed.  We’ll let you know in our Weekly TidBits.  Here are the first three chapters.

Chapter 1: My Farewell Gifts – Mitch Cornwell with discuss legal issues that you should address to make sure your estate is properly identified. He’ll discuss will, estates, and other items.

Chapter 2: A Dignified Passing – Edmond Boafo will discuss medical care information and forms that should be prepared by each individual.  He’ll also provide suggestions as to where these documents should be kept.

Chapter 3: My Final Wishes – Pastor Duke and Barbara Mulliken with discuss planning for funeral and memorial services.