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Monday Musings

by Church Administrator

by Kim Cassady The last time I wrote for Monday Musings, it was about stimulating your daily reading of the Bible, a way to add new interest and joy in the process.  This writing is about the same subject.  From last time, the key, based on guidance from Pastor Jeff, is to read the passage […]

Habitat Happenings by Kim Cassady

by Tal Bone

MAY DAY! MAY DAY! When someone shouts “May Day” it usually grabs our attention. Well, May has been an attention grabbing month for Habitat Choptank. And an exhilarating month for all involved. The month actually began at the end of April with the Women Build Clinic at Lowe’s in Easton. Twenty-five ladies learned how to […]

Pastor’s Corner

by Church Administrator

Nearly every church claims to be friendly. In reality this is not always the case. Often churches are friendly to those who are already members of the church but to the visitor or outsider they are very much aloof. You can find countless stories of people who visit a church on a Sunday morning and […]