Our church has just signed up for AmazonSmile.com. AmazonSmile.com is a rebate program that sends a small $$ percentage of your purchases to your selected non-profit. Just like with Amazon.com you must set-up a free account with AmazonSmile. Reportedly all of the product and pricing is the same on AmazonSmile as on Amazon.com.

 Every little bit helps the church and our missions.  One of our church members tested AmazonSmile and  earned $ 0.62 for the chuch from a single order placed on AmazonSmile.com!!!

 As with all churches we do a considerable amount of service to the local and wider community. This includes an on-site food-pantry, subsidized preschool for low-income children, hurricane & disaster relief through our Mud Buckets program, Talbot Interfaith Shelter for the homeless, on-site Gateway Community Vegetable Garden, purchase of malaria netting & water purification systems for undeveloped nations, as well as, support for many other charities and efforts.

 By setting up and account with AmazonSmile.com, selecting the Presbyterian Church of Easton as your preferred charity and shopping through AmazonSmile.com you will be supporting all of the charitable efforts provided by the Presbyterian Church of Easton.

 All of us at the Presbyterian Church of Easton thank you for signing-up with AmazonSmile.com and supporting our efforts.